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About us

We create simple and connected tools that solve everyday problems and make growth accessible to all.

We have experimented and innovated on providing answers to the question, “What helps people grow?”. Our experience in providing these answers for individuals and businesses has led us to create our theory of growth.

We believe growth lies at the heart of three core human needs

about us

We believe growth lies at the heart of three core human needs


To the solutions that address everyday problems


About life and business, and insights to improve them.

Exchange of value

Through platforms that enable people and businesses to spend and earn.

The potential we see

  • Africa’s population is projected to reach about 2.5 billion by 2050. This growth in a world of limited access contributes to three fundamental challenges: exclusion, fragmentation, and stagnation.
  • However, the number of internet users on the continent is estimated to grow by 11% over the next decade. This advancement and mobility of technology present an opportunity to address these challenges in precise ways.
  • At Softcom, we remove these barriers by helping people and businesses access better banking, sell and receive payments seamlessly, learn and grow.

Connected tools for the journey of growth

We created a set of human-centered growth tools that help people and businesses reach their full potential. These interconnected tools help dreamers and doers (entrepreneurs) access value, sell more and gain insight for better decisions.

Connected tools


Money plays a central role in the lives of people. We have built a bank that gives everyone equal access to financial services from their mobile phone, whether they are on the internet or not and the tools to help them earn, spend and grow their money with ease.


Every seller wants to sell fast, accept all types of payments and gain immediate access to their money. We have created an all-in-one tool that helps them do just that.


Knowledge is a key component of growth. We have created simple and new ways for people to learn about their money, the people they interact with, the customers they serve, and their businesses.


Our leadership set our agenda and define how we work as an organization.

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A new meaning to work

We connect to the problems we’re solving, understanding that we are providing solutions, not just for society but for ourselves.

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