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62 Hearty Cheers To The Entrepreneurs Who Dare

Oct 01, 2022


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On the day of Nigeria’s 62nd independence anniversary, we choose to celebrate you and millions of other daring entrepreneurs daily defying odds and confronting challenges to be better. You dare to start and grow a business, and you keep going despite the obstacles you face in growing it.

This article is dedicated to you and committed entrepreneurs like you.

Committed entrepreneurs like Mrs Loveth Ezuruike of Ite Nnem Native Kitchen who had to battle challenges in the form of power and rent when she started her cooking business. According to her, “You have to generate power yourself and that costs a lot of money. You also have to think of rent.” Ms Lara Esther Adurashakin, CEO of Radiant White Superstore established in 2019, had to face the setback of the COVID pandemic just a few months into the birth of her business and an inability to repay three different loans she took to stay afloat during that storm.

Mohammed, CEO of Mohammed Suya.jpg

Mohammed of Mohammed Suya has been on the journey to provide his customers with the best suya (smoked beef) delicacies for a bit longer. Despite battling environmental difficulties and unforgiving officials, he stayed true to his dream of travelling around the world to delight people with his treat.

Like Mohammed, the ability to spot an opportunity is what got Vivian Ogunbanjo to set up Vanco Smoothies, a fruit nutrition business, in April 2015. Her mission to provide an alternative - for people who take their fruit supplement requirements seriously but don’t have the time to make it themselves - was stronger than her fear of leaving the guaranteed income and comfort of a 9-5 job. Even when 2017 brought harsh economic conditions and COVID led to an enforced lockdown in 2020, she refused to give up.

Vivian Ogunbanjo, CEO Vanco Smoothies.jpg

Despite their challenges, these entrepreneurs’ beliefs in themselves have been a common factor in their exciting stories. Adeosun Ajoke is the Creative Director of Ajoke Alamala, a food business that specialises in a local delicacy made from yam flour. She asserted, “This business, I’m here to stay and I’m here for good.” And because of her mantra that emphasizes determination and dedication to her dream, she has been able to grow the business she started 4 years ago into a trusted brand. Same way Ms Adurashakin has also succeeded in sweetening her way into her customers’ hearts with her welcoming personality and neat business environment.

With her resolve to not compromise on quality, Vivian Ogunbanjo has been able to make customers travel distances to get their hands on any of the 150 flavours in the Vanco Smoothies lineup. In addition to integrity and trust, standing out is another important element of her business. At least, like Ajoke of Ajoke Alamala said, “What is worth doing at all, is worth doing well”. This is the mentality that keeps a lot of entrepreneurs in Nigeria going despite the odds stacked highly against them.

Ajoke Adeosun, Creative Director of Ajoke Alamala.jpg

We salute them and we salute you. Your stories of small beginnings are truly inspirational. Those small beginnings when nobody else saw the dream as clearly as you did. When you had to start small, with barely any hope of survival. And how day by day, you made the dream clearer that even those around can now see it. Your resolve to make better possible pushed you to go the extra mile. Just like Mrs Ezuruike, Ogunbanjo, Ms Adurashakin, Mohammed and Ajoke whose efforts over time have compounded to give them a reputation of excellence that keeps their customers going back to them. Take Mrs Ezuruike who began by cooking a few meals daily. Now, Ite Nnem Native Kitchen is serving hundreds of customers every day. In fact, for Mohammed, his customers “are now like my family”.

Loveth Ezuruike of Ite Nnem Native Kitchen.jpg

The dedication, perseverance, confidence, passion, belief, consistency and fighting spirit needed to make this happen make these stories thrilling. Business owners like them have also gradually and patiently stayed committed to their vision. And while for some, it might still look like there’s a long way to go before your dreams are completely turned into reality, there’s no point in giving up. As long as you continue to dare, you can make great things happen.

At Kwiksell, we believe in you, your daring spirit and your ability to make it happen. We are out to support entrepreneurs and business owners like you. We believe in making life easier for you by providing you with the tools that help you sell better and grow faster.

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We are your growth partners, and today, our 62 hearty cheers are for you.

Happy Independence Day!