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All the tools you need to improve your financial lifestyle - in one place. Take control of your money and your growth!


Instant accounts for you and your business.

On Eyowo, your phone number is your account number. Just take out the first zero. Save yourself time by cutting out long hours in a banking hall.

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You’re good to GO!


Fast, simple and secure payments.

Send money to any bank accounts and if the receiver doesn’t have one, you can send it to their phone number. Cool..right?

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Receive money from anyone, anywhere.

Spare yourself the awkwardness. Ask for your money politely by sending an Eyowo request or a payment link.

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Secure your money with an Eyowo card.

We have removed all the card information that can make you lose money if in the wrong hands. All card details are accessible in-app.

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eyowo ATM cards

Got a dream house? Save for it.

Keep the money aside or save regularly and get interest no matter the size of your dreams.

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We’re banking on you.

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