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Sell more, food,drinks,gadgets,clothes,makeup,
anywhere. Fast.

Everything you need to sell your products is now in one place. Sell in-store, on your website, and social media with Kwiksell.

Sell everywhere your customers are.

Setup your kwiksell store and easily sell across your website, social media, and physical store.

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Accept every kind of payment.

Debit cards, cash, QR, bank transfer, and USSD; your customers can pay however they want.

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Sell more, effortlessly.

Gain insights into your business performance, your customers’ buying patterns and optimize your processes to sell more.

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Receive your money instantly.

Get your money in your account before you say jack. All payments on Kwiksell are received instantly.

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No reconciliations needed.

With Kwiksell, save the time you currently spend reconciling your accounts.

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Start selling with Kwiksell.

No matter the size of your ambition, there’s a solution for you.

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Dock on a table, hang or strap around your wrist. You will be able to grow your sales with these accessories.

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