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Our people practices

Carpe Diem

Once a month, we gather to bond, share insight and discuss issues that concern us as an organisation.

softcom carpe-diem

The Softcom Pen

Our internal Monthly Newsletter site for Softcommers serves as a social space and information portal for keeping our humans up to date on any happenings in the business.

softcom pen

Humans of Softcom

Our Instagram Page documents the daily lives, thoughts, opinions and activities of Softcommers. Keep up with the humans of Softcom here.

softcom people
softcom people
softcom people

Celebrating days that matter

At Softcom, we value our people. Annually, we celebrate our employees on notable dates including IWD, IMD and Valentine’s Day to foster a sense of oneness and community amongst Softcommers.

softcom people
softcom people
softcom people

Annual Retreat

At the end of every year, we come together as an organization to celebrate our wins, reflect on lessons learned and charge up for the coming year. It’s also a great excuse for us to throw a themed party and have lots of fun before we close for the holidays.

Reward & Recognition

Our end of year event also provides us with an opportunity to recognise outstanding Softcommers who have attained remarkable feats and heights of success over the course of the year, and who have displayed our values in the course of their work.

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Women of Softcom

Women of Softcom is an initiative that enables us to foster a sense of community around our Women and provide support and inspiration for Softcom women as women in the tech space.


We don’t just work hard, we play hard! Every last Friday of the month, we come together to unwind and destress, with great music, fun games and delicious food!

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